Online Elections? Let Ballot By BITS Help You Do It!

Ballot by BITS, a division of BITS Consulting, is a full-service managed online voting solution. Our white-glove service is customized for every client to ensure a confidential, secure, and seamless experience. This managed voting process saves time and creates efficiency for everyone involved. BITS manages every aspect of the voting process from setup, post-voting reporting, verifying, and delivering certified results for each voting event.

The entire life cycle of the election can be handled online. This eliminates the hassle (OR cumbersome process) of getting ballots out to the community, waiting for resident response, multiple follow-ups, and trying to reach quorum.

Some of the features included are:

• Candidate Statements and Photos
• Plurality and Preferential Voting Methods
• Comment Collection
• Segmentation of Voters
• Weighted Voting
• Email Invitations and Reminders
• Social Share Features
• Voter Verified Audit Trail
• Integrated Voter Authentication with Your Secure Members’ Only Portal

Ballot by BITS can manage elections for Board of Directors, Officer Elections, Referendum or Bylaw Voting, Advisory Council Elections, Committee Elections, and more.

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