Consolidating Your Wi-Fi Network Can Save You a Lot of Money

BITS Consulting can help you manage your properties and the myriad of problems associated with WiFi network issues. If set up incorrectly, WiFi networks can create constant headaches for property owners. Residents expect to have this amenity work without disruption, as it should. BITS has a great deal of experience in partnering with associations to help solve WiFi problems by consolidating networks across multiple high-rise buildings up and down New Jersey’s Gold Coast. In doing so, they have solved WiFi issues by ensuring each building’s staff has the appropriate experience necessary.

For BITS, the main priorities when it comes to WiFi networks are simplicity and security.

The team at BITS simplifies networks through consolidation, which eliminates network confusion among residents. This makes it easier to manage changes on the WiFi network. Additionally, community associations end up saving money when they pay one fee for one account.

In today’s world there are a plethora of cyber threats, from hacking to ransomware to credit card fraud. A building’s residents need to feel safe in every way possible, especially while doing an ever-increasing amount of work & business online. This is especially important when dealing with free WiFi networks. BITS focuses on securing networks by implementing multiple layers of protection, maintaining a stronger infrastructure, and safeguarding against external threats.

Providing free WiFi in areas like the common rooms of residential buildings fosters socializing and a sense of community, an added benefit that underlines one of the core values that property associations hold.

Clients working with BITS have praised their hands-on delivery, professionalism, and expertise, efficiently providing customized solutions for WiFi, firewall, and overall IT infrastructure issues across the board.

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