Do You Have the Tech Solutions Best for Your Scenario?

One of the biggest challenges for any community association is how to spend money & budgets efficiently. This often poses a problem for property managers, board members, or even residents who have been dubiously tasked with purchasing tech equipment to solve what are ultimately community-wide problems. An ill-informed individual attempting to buy the proper equipment for the whole community association becomes a self-serve approach to acquisitions, and it often results in the equivalent of buying clothes that take up space in the closet and never get worn. When it comes to technology purchases, property managers need to ask: what is actually necessary? What makes sense for the long term?

BITS Consulting offers purchase recommendations that are tailored to the needs of properties and residents, focusing on long-term infrastructure stability rather than short-term fixes that can be costly and ineffective. BITS also partners with industry-leading companies to provide world-class support, ensuring each customer gets the service they need and deserve.

Too often, well-intentioned property managers get caught in the web of dealing with technology solution providers who oversell them. They know they are dealing with clients who aren’t always informed enough to know what the best fit or needs are. BITS values integrity and therefore acts as a partner in their customers’ success.

BITS begins the process by developing a detailed understanding of your community and its goals in order to give your organization every strategic advantage possible. Whether it is network or cloud solutions, disaster recovery, or high-tech phone systems, the team from BITS takes the time-intensive research off your plate and makes recommendations that fit your budget and improve property values.

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