BITS Consulting removes the drain and worry from managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Our managed IT services help manage the network, users, services, and devices that are integral to your company’s operations. We ensure that your organization’s network is current and that its technology provides seamless operations across all departments, hierarchies, and roles within the company.

Whatever your demands may be, we are confident that our IT experts can meet them. Our team is 100% dedicated to your success. We have an unparalleled dedication to offering a world-class help desk and IT support.

 Real-time network monitoring, management, and security
Notifications are sent to our help desk team immediately as issues occur.

 Critical device monitoring
All network devices, firewalls, VoIP systems are monitored in real-time.

 Server monitoring
We monitor servers around the clock, ensuring application availability, monitoring performance, and event logs.

  Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance
Regular maintenance helps with performance optimizations, removing inefficiencies and allows early detection and resolution of any security gaps.

  Asset management
Full inventory for your hardware and software assets inorder to create a road map to help organizations understand their objectives and long-term asset management strategy.

  Migration & Deployment Service
Expert management of data migration and associated troubleshooting, minimized server cut over time, thorough testing of new technology for performance and stability.

  Quarterly reports
Proactively managed software and hardware maintenance / warranty renewals.

Helping community associations with technology solutions since 2013.

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