Our voice-over-IP cloud phone systems can save your business up to 60% off legacy carrier costs while offering you advanced features such as IVR/auto-receptionist.

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology by which voice messages can be communicated over IP networks like the Internet. It works using the internet instead of the traditional telephone service. The technology is gaining popularity in business as an alternative to traditional landline and mobile phone services.

VOIP service not only allows audio calls but has the capability of providing features like video calls, instant messaging and file sharing. Many of these are offered as stand-alone products or bundled with popular web browsers.

Switch to VOIP today to get the advantages.

 Easy to install and maintain
VOIP phones are easier to install than ordinary ones. This requires little technical understanding. No additional wires or cables are needed.

 Cost savings
You only pay for your internet connection with VoIP. Calls between people with VoIP facilities, including global calls, are free of charge.

Unlike a PBX (Private Box Exchange), there is a lot of flexibility in a VoIP network. With a private internal telephone network, the number of lines available within the system are limited. With VOIP you can possibly make thousands of connections as the only limiting factor is the bandwidth.

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